Rally Talsi partneri

Rally Talsi to form part of the FIA European Rally Championship round Rally Liepāja

TALSI, November 12, 2018

Rally Liepāja with unprecedented scope, stage route going from Talsi to Liepāja

2019 FIA European Rally Championship and Latvian Rally Championship round Rally Liepāja will contain the best stages of the region – the so called “golden fund” of Latvian rallying. Next year’s route is significantly expanded, going from Talsi to Liepāja and giving the participants an opportunity to enjoy the best Latvian stages, with the spectators getting the chance to see the European Rally Championship drivers fight to be the fastest from the best spectator areas in Latvia. Rally Liepāja will take place on May 24-26, 2019.

“In 2019, we will create a unique European Championship event in Latvia – it’s “base” will still be located in Liepāja, but the stages will cover a much wider area than before – the first special stages will take place in the Talsi region, before the crews return to Liepāja to conclude the event. The plan is somewhat outrageous, but Talsi has well deserved the kinks of FIA European Rally Championship – the special stages here are up to the golden standard – allowing for crews to enjoy, and spectators to cheer.

Our next year’s vision and plan are unique and something that has not been done before. There are lots of challenges to overcome, but, if we were afraid of them, Latvia would not have hosted the FIA European Rally Championship and the FIA World Rallycross Championship rounds. We are being encouraged by our partners – Eurosport Events, Latvian Automobile Federation, the cities of Liepāja and Talsi – who have conceptually approved our plans and will work with us to make them a reality. I sincerely hope that other rally friends will also support us in this adventure, to create a European Rally Championship event in an unprecedented scale and quality!” says RA Events director Raimonds Strokšs.